Reclaim your personal power ❤️

You’re allowed to take control of your life. Why should you allow other to be in control whether it be of your emotions, how you think, perceive, dress, act & feel etc. ? Make a conscious effort to reclaim your personal power. Use your voice. Speak your mind and don’t hold back for fear of why someone will say, how another will be perceived or just to gain approval from another. No one is a mind reader. Be honest and say what you feel you should within the right space and time of course. Learn to listen to your body. Pay attention to your feelings. Work to stay in a frame of mind in which you’re feeling your best mentally before anything else. Don’t forget to take care of you first. Try your best to revolve yourself around people and things that help you to stay at your best and build you up to that point when you are feeling low (needing encouragement). Don’t be afraid to do and say as you please. Never feel insecure because of your gift/talent differs from those around you that’s exactly how it’s supposed to be. God didn’t design you to be a carbon copy of someone else. Celebrate your difference. Who you are makes a difference on this Earth. If you haven’t yet found your gift and your life purpose don’t get discouraged you’ll figure it out soon enough. Keep pushing and exploring. Make the world your oyster. Don’t keep yourself in a bubble or comfort zone for so long that you’re never open to switching things up and learning new things. You can never grow if you stay in the same place where no challenges reside. With challenges comes opportunities to see what you’re made of and learn what you need in order to transition to a new higher level. God won’t give you challenges that you won’t be able to overcome, remember he said he’ll never leave you nor forsake you (Psalm27). Open up yourself to new experiences. You never know where it will take you. Be careful though certain experiences and or relationships can do as much damage as they can do good so be mindful of that. Guard your heart as it says in Proverbs. Take little steps each day to reclaim your personal power. Make sure to establish spirituality as a key point in your life: pray, meditate, get centered or whatever it is you do to keep your balance. Keep a proper diet so your body can function well. As I said earlier make your mental health and well being a priority before anything else. Above all else pay attention to your intuition. Challenge yourself that will allow you to grow and learn. Make peace will your past, that way you can focus on what is here and now. Create an open space for healing, love, peace and blessings to flow into your life. To all those reading I love you even if you have yet to fully love yourself yet. Remember brilliance and beauty become you. 

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