Under Construction ⚠️

This is the time to get quiet. Sow time into investing in your growth. Separate yourself from anything that is hindering you whether it be social media or certain associations/relationships. Turn your focus from comparisons to one another and how to keep up your appearance to be more popular to building up yourself(your spirit your inner man). You got to go through different periods in your life in order to grow and learn and be ready to walk into your destiny and what it is that you’ve been set out to do. Not every moment will be easy, comfortable or include the same ppl you started with. Seasons of discomfort are necessary to build you up and get you to that frame of mind accompanied by a certain behavior and certain outlook to enable you to be successful in your life. New seasons are coming and a rebirth(a renewing of your mind, behavior and relationships) are gonna be crucial so that you can flourish. Setting aside time to invest in your growth and learn will only propel you to where you need to be. Once it gets hard don’t give up and succumb to failure and falling away. You’ll only be able to get to where you need to be after you continue to work at it and take the journey for what it is. Rise to the occasion. Accept the challenges and do the necessary work required with the mindset that it is all in preparation for you to get to where you need to and aspire to be in life. 

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