C’mon now😁

Time to start practicing what you preach. Take your own advice. Stop knocking on the past's door hoping to make a change, you wasting time. Switch gears and focus on what is now and what you wish for your future. Do the work. Do what is necessary to propel you into the place you want … Continue reading C’mon now😁

Keep in mind *

It's understandable if the actions or words from another has an effect on you. Keep in mind though that you shouldn't carry out your life and a certain mindset all because of the perceptions of another. Keep in mind "what people say and do is not a reflection of you but a reflection of themselves". … Continue reading Keep in mind *

Reflection 23

For you are not nor will you ever be like the rest. Like the rest just another carbon copy. Why be the carbon copy of another woman? Another shell encased with a different soul and mindset yet contorted to sweeten outside perceptions. Contorted and distorted. Ending up just in disguise. Hidden behind a mask, never … Continue reading Reflection 23

Keeping up with them

You so busy keeping up with them. Looking in to see how they living. Looking to see what they create. How they think. How they dress. What they posted on social media. Sometimes you get so busy tryna keep up with everyone you neglect yourself. Devote time for. Set aside time to get yourself together. … Continue reading Keeping up with them

Reality(How you living?) 

To live a life to fulfill another's expectation for you or to live to sweeten an outsider's perception is such a waste. Stop living for people. They didn't create you. They don't know what your future holds. They aren't aware of your limitless value and potential. They don't understand your gift or vision. It's not … Continue reading Reality(How you living?) 

How long?

How long will you wait? Wait for someone to give your life meaning. Wait till someone tells you your idea makes sense. Wait till you get permission to live. Wait till you're told you're beautiful, handsome and smart to be just that. How long will you wait to be told you have limitless value and … Continue reading How long?

Reclaim your personal power ❤️

You're allowed to take control of your life. Why should you allow other to be in control whether it be of your emotions, how you think, perceive, dress, act & feel etc. ? Make a conscious effort to reclaim your personal power. Use your voice. Speak your mind and don't hold back for fear of … Continue reading Reclaim your personal power ❤️

Start Over (shift)

Above all else you got the option to start fresh. Start over from any moment in time. You can choose to change and do things differently rather than stay stuck in a continuous cycle. One in which you do the same thing yet nothing's changed or gone according to plan as you wished. Why not … Continue reading Start Over (shift)