Authenticity: Embracing My Truth

I have come to the realization that for so long I have moved around  in life in life untrue. Moving forward in the psychical realm carrying on a mask. This mask has been an embodiment of who I think I should be. It has included everything from how I think, how I should act, and … Continue reading Authenticity: Embracing My Truth

Learning to Love Yourself

  Learning To Love Yourself by Cherie Jacobs Oh how sweet it is // to know that // you’ve finally come to a place// where you can be honest with yourself. // A place in which// you are insightful // and in tune with// yourself and those around you. // A place in which you … Continue reading Learning to Love Yourself

For how long?

For how long will you wait? Wait to be told that  you are enough you are worthy you are loved you amount to something that you can do anything and everything Tell me how long will you wait? Wait to be filled with happiness and satisfaction For people to come in and make the changes … Continue reading For how long?

Who you looking cute for?

Your beauty is not for male consumption. How you look has nothing to do with how well you can please or satisfy a man. Don't believe those lies that they feed you. Your body is yours: enjoy it, decorate it how you wish, protect it and honor it as it pleases you. Remember you don't … Continue reading Who you looking cute for?

Don’t Forget

You're are loved just as you are. You are enough just as you are. Don't forget that you're precious. 

Key 🎀

Don't let people's negativity rub off on youIt's okay to love yourself It's okay to know what you want To have dreams To go for them full throttle  To be selfish with who and what you share with others It's okay to be happy It's okay to fall in love with yourself  Self love before … Continue reading Key 🎀

A Return to Love

Choosing to love yourself wholeheartedly  Figuring out what makes you happy Accepting your flaws & differences and owning them..