Learning to Love Yourself


Learning To Love Yourself by Cherie Jacobs

Oh how sweet it is // to know that // you’ve finally come to a place// where you can be honest with yourself. // A place in which// you are insightful // and in tune with// yourself and those around you. // A place in which you have// come to know yourself// and what you deserve.

A place in which you know what// you desire in life// and what you are// worthy and capable of if not more.

Oh how sweet it is // to finally come to know//and fully accept yourself. // Loving yourself flaws and all// being mindful of your strengths and weaknesses //  all that you// have overcome and are still working through// to make sense of.

Oh how sweet it is // that you can // come to a place of reality. // A place in which //  you can be real and be fully aware // of the lovely// multidimensional nature that you possess. You are well aware // that you are not perfect. // There is much more // that you need to improve on of course. //At the same time // you are like that // of a rare gem //found among crack rocks and counterfeits.


For there can never be // another like you. // You are rare and lovely, // unique and beautiful, gifted and glorious // all in your own right.

Oh how sweet it is // that you have come to the place // in which you are now aware of your nature. // You no longer // try to hide it // or deviate from it. // Attempting to be like another // which is inherently foreign // to your own personal nature. Instead you embrace it. //You embrace yourself // for all that you are, // all that you have endured and all that you are still working through // to overcome. You are still here. // Working and pushing forward.//That says a lot. It speaks to who you are. // It speaks to you strength and fortitude, // not to mention your tenacious and persevering spirit. //Despite it all




Oh how sweet it is// to finally come // to this place. I am so proud of you//  just as much if not more // than I am proud of myself. You are learning to love yourself, //  finally despite it all. // You have overcome and are still surviving. //Try your best to congratulate yourself. // Say no to the self blaming // and all the negativity.// You my love are coming into your own,growing and prospering in your own right. // That in itself is a mighty feat especially in today’s world. // You deserve all that things good.

I love you.

Sending you love, peace, and healing. Wishing you many blessings.

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