Dear Woman

Dear Woman,

You are love. You are a lovely and beautiful sight to behold. Brilliance and beauty become you.
You are glorious in your own right.

You have been blessed with a lovely mind, body, and spirit. You have a brilliant mind.
You have been blessed with a wonderful set of unique gifts and abilities. Take the time to tap into them and explore them. Honor them and cherish them. Take ownership of them. Embrace them as your own. Remember there have been blessings and special things planted deep within you
by your creator so that they make take root
developing and flourishing by divine order and alignment
as you come into your own.

Remember that there is no other like you. No need to play the comparison game. Never forget that you are special and unique. No one can be a better you than you can.

Your existence, your journey, your experiences, your knowledge, and your giftings
have not and never will be in vain.
For they all mean something and they all come together to
serve a unique purpose and or role in your life,
especially as you continue to grow and come into your own walking in
Spirit and in Truth.

Remember woman there is no one like you. That is a blessing.

You have been created for such a time as this
to create change, to make an impact, to share your knowledge, and impart it
upon others.

You’ve been created to be a blessing and to carry out your own unique gifting so that you may walk in your divine purpose and walk in your calling. It is something that only you can do. There are unique contributions that the world is in dire need of and that only you are able to fulfill as you come unto yourself walking in your truth.

Remember woman that you are more than capable of all that you set your mind to.

You are more than deserving of all things good.
If you have experienced any abuse and or ill treatment I am sorry.
You did not deserve any of that. You did not bring that on yourself. You are not dirty or impure.
You are not a mistake or a failure. You are not an absolute mess or a conundrum
that others may not understand or refuse to acknowledge.
You are a whole and complete being all on your own. You are glorious in your own right.
You do not need fixing. You are fine and more than enough just as you are
just as you exist in this realm.

Remember woman you are love and light. You are blessed.
Learn to honor, cherish, and understand your true nature
and all that comes together to
encompass that which is your own being.

Remember that you are loved and gifted.
You being here and existing
in this realm is not a mistake.

Please never forget who you are.
Never forget to celebrate your divinity, your holiness, your righteousness, your blessed nature,
your ability to be, and to exist as a multidimensional being in your own right.

Woman never forget
that you are favored
and that you have been born with the BLESSING:
the empowerment to
succeed, thrive, and prosper
in all that you do
and set your mind to.

I wish you love peace, healing, wisdom, and success. Love your sister Cherie.

Dear Woman by Cherie Jacobs


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