´╗┐Conversations with myself

There's nothing like waiting on the sidelines watching others live: going through different things, accomplishing goals, moving on and prospering , making the necessary changes in their lives. There's nothing like waiting on the sidelines. Being all talk but no action. Running your mouth every chance you get. Afraid to make the first move. It's … Continue reading ´╗┐Conversations with myself

For how long?

For how long will you wait? Wait to be told that  you are enough you are worthy you are loved you amount to something that you can do anything and everything Tell me how long will you wait? Wait to be filled with happiness and satisfaction For people to come in and make the changes … Continue reading For how long?

Peace from within

Peace within radiates through you. Through your skin. When you're comfortable in your self in your skin in your natural essence that is. It will become evident through you: your body language, your tone of speech, how you communicate and interact, what you chose to partake in and expose your inner vessels to, what you … Continue reading Peace from within