Belief in the unseen

Trusting that everything will work out for your benefit no matter the circumstances that you are facing. Keep doing the work. Trust the higher power got a plan. Everything else will get settled. No matter what happens keep going. Do what you can. Do whatever possible.

The Truth About You

You are an overcomer and a multidimensional figure. Remember everything you have overcome in the past. At the same time don't look back to linger. Remember the strength, fortitude and persistence that you possess. You can and you will succeed. You can and you will prosper  and make it where you need to go. No … Continue reading The Truth About You

Ode To Bring In The New Year

Abundance and healthy love is hereaccept it and let it in. Release the past hurts and pain. Let go of the victim identity and who you've been expected to be. Allow yourself to bloom and take up space. You deserve to be and to take up as much space as you need. Your voice and … Continue reading Ode To Bring In The New Year


A reminder not to suppress one's greatness and natural essence but to express it and let it flow.


In order to let go one must separate and release.

Rest and Recalibration

How to achieve balance in this new stage and state of existence ? There are some things I find myself constantly working to overcome battling fatigue, working through anxiety and depression and Imposter syndrome. It's been an interesting process. I'm glad for where I am right now versus where I used to be. I'm just so … Continue reading Rest and Recalibration

Do your dreams mean anything to you?

  I’ve been recently thinking in these last few days and weeks of this semester. This question came to mind: “Do your dreams mean anything?” This really struck me. I’ve gotten so caught up in comparing myself to the successes of my peers that I see on social media posting snapshots of their lives. It’s … Continue reading Do your dreams mean anything to you?


Removing and choosing to no longer stand for what: embarrasses you dishonors your spirit disturbs your peace throws you off balance and shifting to what/who/practices that: uplift and motivate you enhance you honor your spirit or as I like to say "make your soul smile" help you be your best self  (walk in love) elevate … Continue reading Shift

Good Enough

What does the term "good enough" mean to you? Think about that. The Webster dictionary says that the term "good enough" means "of a quality that is good or acceptable". We live in a world in which each of us are constantly judged and picked apart. Each and everyone has an opinion in regards to … Continue reading Good Enough


Life resides within you. Why not live to make your life a testimony or monument if you will to all that you believe in and stand for? What good is it to live just for others? Doing as they say and please for you. Doing whatever it takes to make them happy and comfortable, and … Continue reading Life