The Truth About You

You are an overcomer and a multidimensional figure.

Remember everything you have overcome in the past.

At the same time don’t look back to linger.

Remember the strength, fortitude and persistence

that you possess.

You can and you will succeed.

You can and you will prosper 

and make it where you need to go.

No questions asked.

No doubt here.


what people say and their perception 

is no match for you.

As you enter this new season and decade

be invigorated and empowered.

You have what it takes to

get where you need to go.

You got this!

Go bask in your greatness

and the genius ability you possess.

Your brain and your body

are both powerful tools.

Treasure them.

Honor them and utilize them

to the best of your ability.

Make sure your behavior

is the best reflection 

of you and your true nature.

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