No More Shrinking: Why Cower?

It’s time for you to stop playing small. The opportunities and all that you need and desire is out here.

The time is now for you to seek it relentlessly. Ask for help when needed.

Don’t hesitate to inquire when you want something or aren’t sure about it. You really don’t know everything.

There’s so much more to learn, to heal and reveal, to experience and to grow from. Everyday you’re getting better and better.

Never forget that you have all you need. You don’t need external validation, material things, parental approval or love relationships to ensure your effectiveness.

You are just as you are.

You are altogether perfect and lovely in your own right. You never have to perform or do anything out of the ordinary.

Just be as you are. Exist as you naturally do. Keep chugging on in whatever form feels most natural to you.

In the same vein realize familiarity isn’t always the best place to stay in. I have come to realize that when you’re uncomfortable is when your true nature is revealed.

I have been challenged as of late to get a handle on who I am apart from the things, the accolades and other forms of recognition.

In my perception of self heavily tied to what is understood externally?

If so then how do I free myself from this ball and chain?

 How do I continue to foster self love and dig into my own evaluation of self? 

What must be done to ensure that my understanding of self reigns true first and foremost? 

How do I ensure that I stay nurtured and nourish myself

keeping my cup full to ensure I don’t pour from an empty cup?

In this vein of coming to grips with totality of self and all the nuances that come along with it I have realized it’s so important to intellectualize it of course.

It’s crucial to think things out clearly, investigate and strategize what is next. Most importantly taking action after the thought.

Bringing concepts to life is the true bread and butter of it all.

No success or self mastery can

be attained if no action is taken.

I am learning this is why

it is key to disregard old beliefs of not being

good enough, unskilled or not apt for certain opportunities, passions and relationships that fall in line with areas of interest.

For so long personally

I realize I was holding myself hostage. The thought of not enough,

not ready, not good would be my “go to phrases”. They’d often hold me down.

I grew to think of them as familiar and just how it is not as anything I could do or fix.

In the past few years thanks to devoting time to self work, pondering during devotions and putting myself out there with my craft.

I started to see a new reality.

To recognize and come to grips with my own greatness to realize my own power. To take ownership over my gifts.

Realize that in fact brilliance and beauty do exist as a reality for me.

I am a wonder to be.

I am worthy and a blessing in itself.

To come to a place of knowing and embracing my truth has been a journey.

I am glad to finally be here. I am aware there is still more changes to be done.

In the same vein I can rest in my gifting and my accomplishments thus far.

Realizing how far I have come although I am not exactly where I want to be yet has been a true gift.

I encourage everyone to tap within and take inventory of who they truly are and what they have done to get here.

To really take ownership of your own gifts and special nuances is a true blessing one should never be without.