Do your dreams mean anything to you?

  I’ve been recently thinking in these last few days and weeks of this semester. This question came to mind: “Do your dreams mean anything?” This really struck me. I’ve gotten so caught up in comparing myself to the successes of my peers that I see on social media posting snapshots of their lives. It’s … Continue reading Do your dreams mean anything to you?

Some words of encouragement

Some wise words to repeat aloud to make your soul smile and help you renew your mind: I belong here in this space. I am capable. I am well deserving of all things that are good. I am worthy. I can make it through the process. All that I need I have been created with. … Continue reading Some words of encouragement

Stay Encouraged 

No matter the circumstances or who you might end up being involved with: -your worth -your value -your brilliance -your beauty and your spunk  (all that you are comprised of)  that which sets you apart will never falter. Nor will they ever diminish either on account of another, their perception of you or their attitude … Continue reading Stay Encouraged 

A reminder of Your Greatness

You are loved You are worthy of love You didn’t deserve this at all You are worthy of all things good You are not broken You are not defeated Your life is still worthy Purpose is still present Everything is going to be okay You can get through this You are still alive and breathing … Continue reading A reminder of Your Greatness

The Fun Years or Nah?

  I’ve been in school for a hot minute now: four years to be exact. I keep hearing from older folks how these years of a younger person’s life are the greatest years that they’ll ever have. There’s a great difference between the experience of others and my own personal experience and that of the … Continue reading The Fun Years or Nah?

Important Questions to Consider

I think we all get to a certain point in our lives when we have to ask ourselves certain questions in order to evaluate ourselves and determine what is necessary for growth and upward mobility. I created a list of questions that I’ve been meditating on below. Are you at peace yet? Have you done … Continue reading Important Questions to Consider