Important Questions to Consider

I think we all get to a certain point in our lives when we have to ask ourselves certain questions in order to evaluate ourselves and determine what is necessary for growth and upward mobility. I created a list of questions that I’ve been meditating on below.

Are you at peace yet?

Have you done your necessary self work yet?

What is your truth?

What must you do to finally move forward & live as you wish to?

Are there certain practices and people that you must part from?

What practices and behaviors can you cultivate moving forward?

Is how you want to live your life reflected by your choices?

Are the changes that you’re making a true reflection of WHO you are as a person and who you want to become or are they a reflection of your feelings of fear and insecurity that have stemmed from your constant comparisons to others?

Do you really believe love and validation or the lack of it from others especially men can change you?

When did you start giving people so much power over you & your emotions?

Who’s to say that you have to have it all figured out now?

You’re still developing and discovering yourself.

Why are you hiding your personal light, your voice & your gifts?

These are your own personal gifts with which you can use to help and heal others?

Did you forget that imperfection is more valid than absolute beauty and perfection?

Where and who would you be if you shamelessly, loved and promoted yourself?

Shouldn’t your focus be more on maintaining alignment with your inner man, learning and being open to new experiences, connections and people?

Why force your hand to make something out of nothing if it is unnatural especially with certain people?

Did you forget that this is YOUR life?


Sending you peace, love and  healing.



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