How you view it

Progression is not like fast food prepackaged and just ready once you place an order. Progression or growth takes time. Everything is a process you have to go through to get to where you desire to be. Don't fret if the rate of your growth is not similar to those around you. Growth is not … Continue reading How you view it

Under Construction ⚠️

This is the time to get quiet. Sow time into investing in your growth. Separate yourself from anything that is hindering you whether it be social media or certain associations/relationships. Turn your focus from comparisons to one another and how to keep up your appearance to be more popular to building up yourself(your spirit your … Continue reading Under Construction ⚠️

Finding a way

The closer to get to the finish line obstacles are gonna come your way. Expect them and deal with them. I find that as I move towards my goals the opposition and obstacles continue to rise. What seemed easy has become a test of determination and has made me realize how bad to I want … Continue reading Finding a way


It takes courage to share your story and be unapologetically yourself. In a world in which we're constantly judged and picked apart for our beliefs, behaviors and ambitions it's so easy to get lost. Get lost in people's expectations and projected destiny in regards to your life and how it should be carried out. It … Continue reading Development


Lately I've found that my ability as a writer has caused me to harper on certain memories and continue to analyze them long after their finished. I write about, think about it and am often led to wonder "what could've happened differently if I did or didn't do this". Sure writing has helped w/ my … Continue reading Lately


No matter what it is that you are doing just start whatever it is you want or start working towards it now. Don't look to your present circumstances for indicators at to whether or not to start now. It's so easy to make excuses and fall into the cycle of procrastination. Make a decision and … Continue reading START 


Life resides within you. Why not live to make your life a testimony or monument if you will to all that you believe in and stand for? What good is it to live just for others? Doing as they say and please for you. Doing whatever it takes to make them happy and comfortable, and … Continue reading Life

Make that shift

Do yourself a favor. Don't focus and harper on your circumstances. Instead focus on the result you have in mind, what you wish to accomplish. Keep pushing forward towards that goal despite how life might be looking right now. Shift your perspective and your energy to what you want rather than what you have right … Continue reading Make that shift

Moving Forward

Sometimes the actions that you need to change you end up not doing. Most often we either procrastinate and put it off or make up excuses to ourselves and others about why making changes isn't necessary. Think about it though that change that you might be resisting and refusing to do could be a major … Continue reading Moving Forward


It's crucial that you don't live your life for other people and only for you. Think, act and live however suits you best. I've found that when you dare to do things differently someone is always gonna have an opinion. No one is ever satisfied with what you do or how you live your life. … Continue reading Living….