It takes courage to share your story and be unapologetically yourself. In a world in which we’re constantly judged and picked apart for our beliefs, behaviors and ambitions it’s so easy to get lost. Get lost in people’s expectations and projected destiny in regards to your life and how it should be carried out. It takes time as you grow older to learn who you are and understand yourself. It’s only when you make a conscious effort to do this, separating yourself from the masses: talking, acting and thinking like everyone else will you be able to be who you truly are. Please be aware that the journey to loving and understanding yourself won’t happen over night. The process of development will take time, enjoy it and take it for what it is. Make sure to question and analyze everything, especially what you believe, what you do and the necessary reasons behind that. Don’t ever just do things because you’ve been instructed to. Lastly try to engage in opportunities that challenge you and allow you to express & practice your gifts (special abilities)… Doing all these overtime should surely create a good path for you to develop and grow. 

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