My take on Newness

There is a sense of distinct beauty and transformation that lies within the process of starting over no matter how many times you’ve done it or rather simply beginning a new journey. 

After having started over at many different schools with this current one being my third the process of adjustment is both distinct and familiar. I am used to the comings and goings of college life. What the college life means of course is different. Everything depends on several factors: the school, whether or not you live nearby, at home or on campus, who you are and what course of study you’re taking on among other things. 

I’m grateful for all the chances I’ve gotten. I don’t take them for granted. I’ve learned and continue to learn along the way, different things both about myself and ppl, connect with ppl I’d otherwise never meet if it weren’t for the environment, discover new skills and sharpen old ones.

I can never claim to have it all. I used to think I did when I was younger. As different circumstances unfolded and life progressed I’ve found that humility really goes a long way. All big ups and thanks to God.  I know I couldn’t have gotten this far without his favor and him backing me. 
In addition to humility I’ve found that honesty, keeping an open mind, curiosity, the willingness to learn and the idea of letting ones ambitions and motives for success triumph over feelings of insecurity, fear and the need to belong are key things one needs to survive in this life across the board.
Forgive me if this seems like a long rant. I’m just trying to keep it real.

This sense of newness that comes along with transformation is really something to take advantage of, but granted it all depends on the perspective in which you view it. You can view newness as a positive means to start anew on your journey or a fresh start for lack of better terms. Some view this newness and transformation as stumbling blocks to overcome. Often it is this concept which usually brings forth fear, anxiety and unfamiliarity which is all normal. Side note: No need to panic if you’re going through this. If you are, you’re not alone. The feelings of fear, anxiety, and unfamiliarity are important ones. They should never be pushed under the rug but instead be put in the limelight and addressed. These feelings never die down unless we deal with them, then we can release them and heal.

Bottom line: Newness and transformation as you embark on a new journey are always things that come with the territory. You can’t run away from them. Try not to have a negative view. Take everything for what it is. 

Try to take advantage of those moments of newness: be curious, try new things and explore. Above all else look for safe spaces in which you can be yourself. If you can’t find these safe spaces try to create one of your own. You can start by continually working on your passion, connecting with like minded individuals, joining a new club, setting intentions and goals or switching up your schedules.

Sending forth love, peace and healing to each and everyone reading this.

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