How you viewing life

I’m realizing that perhaps we should begin to treasure more and treat each and everyday with reverence. Every morning we wake up and take a breath it’s another opportunity, another chance to start over.

Being able to wake up again I believe is a sign that God is giving us mercy and letting us know that we can start over and begin again no matter what stage of life we might be in. Just the simple fact that we’re still living my despite whatever it is we’ve been through, what our shortcomings or insecurities are we’re still here. 

Try to change your perspective to see that you being able to live again means that your life does indeed have meaning no matter what people or society has told you. You do have a purpose. Your story, your voice, your gifts all come together to make you that special beautiful being that you are and set you apart.

I’m not sure whatever it is you’re going through but I assure you this thou shall pass. You can get through this and overcome. Try your best to keep fighting and pushing forward and overcome. To whoever is reading this my wish for you is to grow in love, peace and healing with yourself and with those around you. 

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