On Change

Life lessons only become painful when you resist the change. You know the change is necessary. Instead of making that necessary change you avoid it, distract yourself from it or act like it doesn’t exist. It never turns out sweet and easy in the end like you were hoping for.
 Pay attention to the signs. Go with the flow. Never resist the change, it’s sometimes very crucial in order for you to progress and push through. 
Changes are natural parts of transition as you move in and out of seasons. Remember nothing will ever stay the same or stagnant. Everything’s always changing this being relationships with yourself and others, your views, your goals and what you’re working towards etc.
Bottom line is change can be hard but it’s necessary. Avoiding it only blocks your success and thus adds to your detriment. Welcoming and embracing the change(s) however hard or uncomfortable it is paves the way for you to ultimately grow and move forward in your journey. 
Remember these periods of discomfort are only temporary. It’s only a means to an end. 
You have to leave your comfort zone if you want to ever grow and become your best self. 

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