The Unfair Reality

I hate that as young girls and young women grow and mature we’re brainwashed into this ideal
that we have to always put ourselves last, that caring for ourselves FIRST is an issue, that a marriage somehow provides us with our sense of worth and purpose in life, that we must cater to men in each and every way doing whatever we can to make them comfortable and help them prosper even if it includes diminishing ourselves and our capabilities, not speaking up, staying quiet, doing anything and everything to protect them even it costs us, not calling them out on their flaws and shortcomings plus not setting boundaries etc. 

2 thoughts on “The Unfair Reality

  1. Hi, I’m Melissa over at the #LAVENDER sisterhood. I started like you but then realized I needed to use my promotional education & background to build a place that promotes your great writings and helps you finding more followers easier. check me out and the I want to convert your works to the tumblr format and get you thousands of more supporters


    1. Hey Melissa thanks for responding. I follow your page on tumblr. I have this WordPress linked to my tumblr account. In certain instances I find the audience doesn’t always respond as they would if I uploaded more of my other creative writing pieces. Do you have any tips or any form of guidance or advice you can give me? Thank you for reaching out and for being apart of #LAVENDER sisterhood. I’ve learned so much from reading your material.


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