You are the Sun

You are love and light personified in the human form Every firm you dim yourself Dumb it down Accept less Your light gets covered more and more I’ve had instances in which I’ve dimmed myself Coming in like a ray of sunshine Fine tuning myself to                                      Hopefully be accepted or even loved But … Continue reading You are the Sun

On Time & Reaping

Source:galaxy Such an on time reminder about time. So often I find myself stressing to keep my strict deadlines in terms of goals. Now being in quarantine with so many changes from a virtual graduation to changes in the job market I’ve been forced to learned to release the pressure on myself. Yes I … Continue reading On Time & Reaping


All that I need is either already here or it's making its way to meet me.

The Unfair Reality

I hate that as young girls and young women grow and mature we're brainwashed into this ideal that we have to always put ourselves last, that caring for ourselves FIRST is an issue, that a marriage somehow provides us with our sense of worth and purpose in life, that we must cater to men in … Continue reading The Unfair Reality

Key 🎀

Don't let people's negativity rub off on youIt's okay to love yourself It's okay to know what you want To have dreams To go for them full throttle  To be selfish with who and what you share with others It's okay to be happy It's okay to fall in love with yourself  Self love before … Continue reading Key 🎀