On Time & Reaping

Source:galaxy garden.tumblr.com

Such an on time reminder about time. So often I find myself stressing to keep my strict deadlines in terms of goals.

Now being in quarantine with so many changes from a virtual graduation to changes in the job market I’ve been forced to learned to release the pressure on myself.

Yes I still hold myself accountable but also keep in mind the times and how much I have accomplished so far.

Taking routine accounts of what I have done and how I haven’t succumbed to strife is encouraging.

Even though I have taken breaks in the journey which is stressful as a recovering perfectionist. 😫 Whew still learning to enjoy breaks!

I know taking time for self is key in order to come back to the work refreshed and with new creative ideas in order to do the necessary work to get the job done.

Below are two pieces I’ve recently come across I believe really do hammer this point home:

Poet Lucille Clifton’s reading of her poem


Article on Toni Morrison not getting fame with her writing career until her 40s. I found so powerful and moving. Reminding me to relax as a twenty something. Knowing things will happen when they are supposed to. All the sacrifices I make now I know are just seeds that I’m planting in order to achieve dividends in the future.


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