On Time & Reaping

Source:galaxy garden.tumblr.com Such an on time reminder about time. So often I find myself stressing to keep my strict deadlines in terms of goals. Now being in quarantine with so many changes from a virtual graduation to changes in the job market I’ve been forced to learned to release the pressure on myself. Yes I … Continue reading On Time & Reaping


Self Preservation

“Loving Yoself FIRST: Self Care & Womanhood” Remember that you can and continue to overcome and push through. Where you are right now is not a forever thing but rather temporary. Everyday provides you with another opportunity to keep going. You Your business, your 9-5, or any other opportunity you are pursuing will assist you … Continue reading Self Preservation


I wanna scream but it doesn’t feel appropriateMy body screams for meScreams from the rooftopSuppressed emotions risePain in jointsRusticThey feel torn and betteredEveryday I hope fora better day tomorrowone where I’m at easewhere I don’t feel like a machinethat is out of wack It’s strange simultaneously feeling both old and young.I wish for changeI wish … Continue reading Overwhelmed

Each of us are special

Your womanhood is not a contract that needs to be solidified It is not nor will it ever be something you need to prove Your womanhood is not a measure of how many people want to sleep with you How many children you bear or raise How well you can keep a home by cooking … Continue reading Each of us are special

Revelation 33

You will never be able to love me as I wish to be loved For you only view me as merely a body Just a shell to use to your convenience Never more  You just keep at it Pulling and grabbing till you have me to yourself I'm well aware this is just a mix … Continue reading Revelation 33