Discomfort Is Part Of The Course

Discomfort is apart of the process.

It can’t be escaped or outrun.Trust me I have tried. The lessons I am supposed to learn always come back right around be it through various scenarios involving myself and others.

There is still more to do. There is still work to be done.

More to improve. All these curveballs are coming to see who you really are and what you can do.

You’ve already been destined for greatness. Hence why you desire it and are attracted to it.

It will only stay once you rightfully accept it. As much I used to thinking proving myself worthy was it- maybe it’s the Capricorn in me or the old recovering people pleaser I’m still aiming to kill off-it’s not. Worth is inherent. Worth just is because I am, because I exist. I shouldn’t be made to feel wrong for wanting and desiring more.

Wanting and desiring more I’m learning just comes with more responsibility and more on one’s plate as a result. It’s all starting with the mindset, how one presents themselves, and engages with others and most importantly themselves both off and on the clock.

The matter of consistency is key.

In as much as wanting more is all great and well, there is a cost to it. Just a matter of a different input for a desired investment. Believing in my own greatness and worthiness again has been what is propelling me forward to write and pursue what I want in all avenues of life.

In Eric Thomas’s Attracted To Greatness speech, he discusses how much the attraction and that desire for much more abundance and a greater life experience is all a matter of intuitively wanting more because that is who we are. When he says “You’re attracted to greatness because greatness is all in you”, this part catches me all the time.

Greatness is an inherent thing just like worth, but until we’re believing it and intentionally acting in ways that bring in what we desire of course life will be shambles. Even when in the unknown there’s a level of comfort required although the unknown is unfamiliar and in most cases uncomfortable.

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