The Fun Years or Nah?


I’ve been in school for a hot minute now: four years to be exact. I keep hearing from older folks how these years of a younger person’s life are the greatest years that they’ll ever have. There’s a great difference between the experience of others and my own personal experience and that of the other fellow young people I know. This leads me to wonder are these years really the fun years or nah?

I’m gonna take it old school real quick: teacher style. The definition of fun according to Webster dictionary is what provides amusement or judgement.

Fun meaning that the experience is enjoyable and one is amused. When I think of fun experiences I think of childhood and the absolute lack of responsibilities. No cares about anything. No worrying about the future. A time of absolute bliss. No awareness of the world being a scary and dangerous place. A life being dependent on another never questioning or lacking of anything. An experience in which all seems well all the time.

Thinking of these experiences makes me think this idea of fun only lasts until adulthood or at least that is what we’re groomed into believing. We’re told as we grow older that this idea of fun is only for children. As we grow up we’re told to grow up. Suck it up. Get a job. Focus on paying your bills and build a life on their own.

To bring it back full circle thinking of my experiences now I wouldn’t describe it all as fun. Sure there’s been some fun moments here and there but they’ve been fleeting ones. These past few years I’d say have been the most hardest of them of all. It’s definitely been a time of self discovery. Of course no one says the journey to self discovery would be easy.

This past few years have been a great time of awakening. I’d say that the many experiences and connections with others have not just taught me about people but most importantly about myself.

This has been a great season of what I’d like to call ongoing Q & A answers with myself. Having a very introspective nature has led me to question a lot and wonder about who I am. I been seeking clarity regarding things like:

  • What do I believe and why?
  • Who am I attracted to?
  • Who do I work best with?
  • What do I want to do with my life?
  • What major serves me best?
  • Where should I arise?
  • How do I move forward from certain situations and people?
  • What should I do with my life?
  • What is my calling or purpose?
  • How can I put my talents/gifts to good use?

I’d say from personal experience that I think many would agree with me when I say that these past few years have been laden with lots of uncertainty. Transitioning from fear to confidence. Learning to become assertive, Learning to love oneself and have a better body image. Different bouts of mental illness stemming from different things like job loss or traumatic events etc.

Maybe some would deem these years fun but for others not so much. I guess it all depends on who you ask. “Different strokes for different folks”.

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