Do your dreams mean anything to you?


I’ve been recently thinking in these last few days and weeks of this semester. This question came to mind:

“Do your dreams mean anything?” This really struck me. I’ve gotten so caught up in comparing myself to the successes of my peers that I see on social media posting snapshots of their lives. It’s been so much so that I think I almost lost sight of my dreams and purpose at certain times. I’d say this goes especially for my creative goals. There’s been so many times that I have written down ideas or articles, poems, or stories and either I’ve done them and neglected to post them or got so caught up in something else that I never go around to it.

This question “Do your dreams mean anything?” really shook me to the core. I got so frustrated with myself thinking about it. I think I got caught up playing the comparison game. Sitting on my goals and dreams and giving them little to no play and investment, then having the audacity to get upset watching while others prosper and become successful. It’s almost as if I’ve been sitting on the sidelines and getting upset while others play the game without ever engaging and stepping in to play. Like how foolish is that?

I’ve come to realize that instead of watching others get successful and move forward while remaining stagnant it is pertinent that I engage and work on developing myself. Doing this will only help me in the long run, because I know I can be both my best friend and my worst enemy. Whatever decisions I choose to make will determine what roles I’ll be partaking in and how my future will come into fruition.

This main question “Do your dreams mean anything?”  can be broken down into so many other ideas:

  • Why(what is your reasoning for what you are doing)?
  • What dreams or goals do you want to fulfill?
  • Do you have a deadline for these dreams and goals? If so by when?
  • How will you accomplish these dreams and goals?
  • Who are your accountability partners?
  • What is your purpose for these dreams and goals?
  • What impact do you wish to have once you’ve made your accomplishments?
  • What does success mean to you?
  • What must you do (sacrifice) in order to be successful?
  • What must you know(knowledge, training, expertise)?
  • Who must you know (connections)?

I only share this to expose the real truth. It’s crucial that one has a time in which they check in with themselves every once in awhile. Checking in is crucial to ensure that one is advancing and working on themselves.  Working on oneself involves moving forward and doing what is necessary to improve and elevate in order to get goals accomplished..

I also think it’s key that one doesn’t get caught up in the comparison game like I have. As the famous quote says ”comparison is the thief of joy”. It’s better to just work on oneself and what you are trying to accomplish in your own realm rather than spending time worrying about another.


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