A Letter to Anyone Feeling Lost

To whoever is reading this,

You’re doing fine. You will eventually find your way. I know that what is plaguing you now really hurts. You questioning who you are and what you’re about. Feeling out of place. Lost. Displaced. Misunderstood. Unloved. Unlovable. One which desperately needs guidance. Feeling like you constantly shatter and fall apart time and time again only to have to mend yourself back together again. Trust me you will eventually figure out who you are making peace with yourself and those around you. No need to rush and try to keep up with the timetable of someone else. You’re on your own path, your own journey. Take your time. Ask questions. Try to do new things. Cultivate new questions with those who you can be yourself around. Drop those who seek to diminish you, disrespect you, ignore you and act in ways that dishonor your spirit and make you feel less of yourself. Take time to figure out what you like: what you enjoy doing and what or who you are attracted to. I know the process of figuring out who you are and who you wanna be can both be terrifying and empowering. Please remember you don’t have to go through this alone. If you need help turn to someone you trust. Try to connect and cultivate a relationship with your inner spirit man that lies within and God the Higher Power. I know that a lot of you out there are suffering, crying and questioning yourself and those around you. Feeling guilty. Hating yourself. I’m sorry for all that you’re going through and I trust that you can overcome this. Sending forth love and peace to you especially those of you who are still figuring out how to discover and cultivate this for themselves.

-Love your sister

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