Good Enough

What does the term “good enough” mean to you? Think about that. The Webster dictionary says that the term “good enough” means “of a quality that is good or acceptable”. We live in a world in which each of us are constantly judged and picked apart. Each and everyone has an opinion in regards to how the other person lives. It is so common for people to try their best to pick you apart and diminish you instead of making the attempt to enrich you. The question often placed when a person attempts to do something is he or she “good enough”? There’s always a big stress on whether or not we have the adequate qualifications and what our past circumstances were. Thank Goodness God isn’t like that. He calls each and everyone out for a specific purpose and blesses us with certain gifts with which we are to use to glorify him as we contribute to this world. My love don’t look to this world for a stamp of approval.. To find out whether you’re good enough. You are good enough simply because God has created you and called you into existence. He doesn’t look at qualifications like the world. He the creator who made the heavens and the earth made you as well. He created you simply because he felt that the gifts that he’s blessed you with can help others within this earth. Don’t believe those around you who tell you:

you don’t matter

you’re not good enough

you don’t have the qualifications 

you don’t dress right or act right or behave right

in order to carry out the visions that he’s blessed you with

He sees you as one of his beautiful masterpieces,

excellent in his sight.

Brilliance and beauty become you .

For you are far more than what those around you say you are.

It doesn’t matter where you came from

what your past looks like

What the world considers you to be qualified to do. 

 If God blessed you with the vision and the insight to carry out your gifting whatever that may be.

Keep pressing on.

Keep seeking him and trusting him

and it will eventually come to pass.

You are good enough

 because God says so.

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