Tender Hearted

Changes are bound to come forth despite how harsh or rough the journey has been going. Stick with it if it fuels you and is serving you in some manner. Seek to keep learning, finding peace, love and light within in addition to through different healthy vessels all around you. Don’t give up just because things are getting hard. I pray and hope that you’ll be able to find some guidance and light as you go on through this journey. Keep pressing forward and consciously choosing to adapt. Dont let your situation change you, you change your situation or whatever it is that is stopping you. Above all else take your journey one day at a time. Protect you energy, your spirit and your heart for those are the most precious things you have. Don’t fall prey to the viciousness of this earth and let it harden you.. Making you into something that you’re not. It’s key to stay open, be aware, maintain self awareness, realize when it’s time to pack some things up & exit(mentally, metaphorically, emotionally & physically), guard your heART and protect your space & all that you cherish.

Much love and peace to you and yours❤️



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