It's crucial that you don't live your life for other people and only for you. Think, act and live however suits you best. I've found that when you dare to do things differently someone is always gonna have an opinion. No one is ever satisfied with what you do or how you live your life. … Continue reading Living…. 

Break the Shell

There's an unlimited reservoir of greatness, genius ability and beauty that lies within. The only challenge is breaking your shell, letting go of all the noise. Don't fall victim to contorting yourself in the attempt to attain or keep a sweetened perception or please another. When you let go of your shell, free yourself from … Continue reading Break the Shell

Why chase?

What's the point of rushing and contorting yourself to sweeten the perception others have of you or even attain someone? Why chase? It's been said and I truly believe that what is meant for you will come at the appropriate time when you're ready to receive it & understand the meaning of it..