Think fast

Most of us in this generation are so quick to covet what another has, whether it be a relationship or some material good. Often we see a few snapshots of something never knowing how that person got it and what is going on behind the scenes. We’re so quick to compare our lives to the snapshots and quick videos we view on social media. Comparison as I’ve often seen referred to as an act of self hate which I find rather fitting. The constant comparison of yourself to another does no good and only creates a breeding ground for negativity and low self esteem. It’s something I’m sure most of us have done at some point. The high occurrence of it still in no way shape or form makes it a good thing. Why compare yourself to a totally different person? I mean you life a total different lives with different circumstances. You’ve been created with different gifts and unique ideas for a reason. You were never born to be like everyone else: a carbon copy clone regurgitating the words, fashions, thoughts, and actions of others. Stand firm in your difference. Learn to celebrate it. Own who you are. The process of loving yourself one that takes time, but see it through don’t give up. 

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