Your Personal Freedom

Personal freedom comes by choice. Make the choice to take the reins and be in control of your own life. Use your voice to say what you wish.”Go confidently in the direction of your dreams..”. I find often that it’s so easy to dwell. Fear, doubt and procrastination will seep into your life and keep on until it’s checked and you still feeding into it. It’s often when we’re on the brink of transition that it all comes into play. Isn’t life just supposed to be one continuous journey though ? One in which we discover ourselves. Discover our passions and desires. What it is that drives us. It’s both frightening and liberating when you’ve found your passions or “gifts” but you have yet to figure how what you’ll do with them and what your life purpose will be. In my experience continuous practice of your craft aside from taking the time to learn, rebuild and discover yourself all makes the difference. Being in a state of limbo for the time being is normal just don’t stay stuck there. Keep going and take another step each day. Choose freedom don’t fall victim to the life another person desires for you, having convinced you how to walk, talk, think and perceive the world. Make the choice to do that for yourself. Start living for YOU.Live for yourself.

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