This is not the end

Your pain is not your story.The acts committed against you are in no way, shape or form your fault regardless of what society, family or what your abuser has told you. Please don’t feel guilty. You didn’t bring this on yourself. 

        Keep in mind hurt people hurt other people with the intent to spread pain or find some outlet. Other times abusers can just be people who want to exercise power and influence over others due to insecurity, lack of identity, fighting personal demons etc. 

       Your pain or the abuse(mistreatment) done to you is not an indicator of who you are, your worth, what you deserve, or who you will become. You didn’t deserve what happened to you. Remember the actions done to us are not reflections of ourselves but of those who do them. 

       You are a perfectly imperfect being created by God. You’re worthy of all good things including love and respect. Your life matters. You have a special gift to contribute to this world. Your presence matters. You are far more than a waste of space my love. You are enough just as you are. You are breathtaking. 

         You are capable. You’re going places in this world. Regardless of what others say your life is meant for greatness. 

      Please remember that your pain is not your story. Surely it could be the past or a part of your life but the story doesn’t end there. I pray to all those reading this that you will heal in time from your pain. Just know that the story doesn’t end here wherever you are in your life right now. Change can soon come. What is seen in the natural is temporary because things can shift at any moment according to your thoughts, actions and those around you. 

        Seek the right like minded people around you. Discuss your feelings. Find outlets to express yourself. Seek out connections n build a network of those who have or live as you wish to. Work towards what you desire. My wishes for you are that you one day heal fully, can get a piece of mind, fall in love with yourself and are able to go for what you want in life full throttle. 

      Please go out and walk in love. Immerse yourself with things and people that are healthy. Those who truly love and understand you. People who respect you.

Never forsake your boundaries nor your beliefs with the intent of attaining some kind of love or approval it’s not worth it. 

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