Seasons must change

This thou shall pass. This current season if you’re like me has been one filled with various trials and tribulations. I’ve been feeling very drained, lonely and despondent. Although I’m still working towards my goals and I can say I see things coming together I still have moments when I feel down. Time and time again it feels like the suffering continues and no one understands.. all my positive thinking isn’t making a difference. I’ve come to realize life has its highs and lows. It’s perfectly normal to go through those different feelings and emotions as life goes on but try not to dwell on the worst moments and never work to learn from the situation. No matter what it is you can get through this. You are not bound to stay in one season of your life forever it must change at a certain point. While you’re going through a rough season: seek help and advice(personally I go to therapy), engage in activities & surround yourself w people who can build you up. Lastly never stop working on or engage in whatever it is that brings the best YOU out of you and keep going. 

Remember this thou shall pass. In every situation look for the light in it. Work to react and act in a way that will serve you best. Take time to work on self awareness and working to get yourself together. Don’t give up.

Sending love, peace and encouragement out to everyone.



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