The Highs and Lows of Growth

There’s something so beautiful about growth. Although the process can be pure torture at times it is so necessary in the process of evolving and healing from one’s broken past.

I’ve learned that as we grow we all go through different “rites of passage” that may be standard to our background, gender etc. If not things can be quite different and be completely different often alienating us. It seems we all have those moments of isolation or as some would like to call it the wilderness. The wilderness is the season in which we feel that what we’re enduring no one can understand and we feel like outsiders. Personally I can attest to this, being in college. Trying to figure out who I am as a young Black woman in this present day has definitely been a journey.

Although the journey has been stressful I’m happy to say that I can see different points in my life where growth is starting to take place.

As I was saying in the beginning is growth is beautiful. Time and time again each and every one of us are going through our own personal metamorphosis. Constant shifts take place from season to season in our lives. Surely during periods of growth I myself as I’m sure others are anxious, nervous about what the future will hold not to mention feeling extremely uncomfortable when out of your element.

What I’ve come to realize is despite the negatives there are some positives that come about as a result of growth too: learn new skills, gain a deeper understanding of self (who we are, our purpose, our beliefs and how we should live.

As we endure the many seasons of life we’re given the opportunities to draw closer to what our truth is, love (ourselves and those around us better), heal from whatever it is that is hurting us. I believe these opportunities allow us to experience peace.. whatever we may refer to as peace in our lives in different forms and fashions.

Bottom line growth is a lovely thing that must be endured. You’re cheating yourself of something so necessary and life changing if you try to skip it by taking short cuts or resisting necessary changes that you need to make.

Each season won’t be like the last which is the best part about life. There’s a constant shift (twists and turns) that take place which allow us to progress in our individual journeys.

Growth will never be rated E for everyone but everyone has something to gain from their growth. If you’re having a hard time right now I’d like to encourage you to keep pushing, keep a positive perspective and do what you can to progress. Try your best to stay in a place of love (centered & in tune with your spirit man within(God) and at peace.

Much love to you all ❤️


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