It’s beautiful to watch the evolution of things. I think once you are able to witness it you take away something special from that process. Being able to be a spectator to the deveopment: how something may have started and survived. This also includes many ebbs and flows and hopefully having  maintained its natural essence to the end you can appreciate it more. If you never stick around or even wait to watch the evolution you miss out on all the life lessons and crucial experiences learned during the transition from beginning to end. There’s always a special relationship going from start to finish with anything whether it be developing a relationship with oneself or another. This usually involves certain components such as time, understanding, trust, effective communication among other things to build the right bond. 

Each and everything must go through some stages of growth before it can reach its stage of maturity and thus complete its evolution. 


C. Jacobs

Wishing you peace & blessings ❤️

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