Time for a new story

Realizing that holding onto the story of pain is a learned mechanism. One built from a place of longing for security and aiming for survival. There comes a time when the story no longer serves its purpose. It becomes more detrimental than helpful in the end. Doing more harm than good, isolating rather than connecting on a larger scale signaling the impertinent need to redefine the narrative. Start with a fresh slate. Begin again from your own place of existence wherever that may be, showing up in whatever capacity possible. Showing up for yourself, not for the the person you are currently but who you wish to be in the future, that person you are striving to become. For me showing up for her is the sole motivation for my moving forward. I feel that redefining the narrative is the only way that I can get to that place and embody her with her full capabilities, her many layers and complexities which mesh together to make her, me who I’m supposed to be. I finally realize even stories have their expiration date. The same singular story can’t last a lifetime but rather multiple stories can last and thrive through a period of cycles in that many seasons that make up one’s journey. In closing redefining the narrative and realizing when to begin a new story and when to stop feeding into one which only drains but never serves nor uplifts is crucial. As one evolves the story will evolve and change. Singularity isn’t possible in the business of growth. Things are always changing, fluctuating on periods of highs and lows and different periods and different times. Why not move with the current instead of resisting it?

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