Celebrate Your Evolution

You are a lot stronger than you think. You are far greater than you give yourself credit for. You have been through so much in order to get to this journey. You’ve overcome so many obstacles and learned so much throughout your expansion. You have leveled up, grown and evolved along the way. You are not who you once where when you began this journey. Take some moments to revel in the changes and all that you’ve accomplished so far. I just want to remind you that you’re doing the damn thing, whether it was getting out of bed, feeding yourself or talking your meds or even like so many of us graduating this weekend and starting new chapters. Whatever you’ve done, are doing, and are going to do has value and is important. Everything is valid and has importance just like your feelings, your thoughts, your unique perception of self and what it is that YOU bring to the table. You matter my love. You are worthy of all good things. You deserve only the best and far more than mediocrity or anything of a half assed nature. You are all that and more. You being here on this earth matters. You are not invalid or inadequate. You are not lacking or in need of fixing. You are enough even with all that you perceive to be imperfections and flaws. I love you.

I just wanted to remind you of how enough you are and that your presence matters. All that you’re doing has purpose and is important.

Please never forget and do not diminish your own personal work and the journey that you took to get to this point in addition to what you are currently working through. It all matters. Everything is coming together for your good. Everything!

Wishing you peace and blessings ❤️

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