Running from self

The pursuit of purpose is what has driven me even when my inner world fell dark. I was at a loss of hope. Worried and fearing the future. I wanted an escape, an eternal death.

Even then the pursuit of purpose and my gift and passion for the word (s) has been chasing me even when I have made attempts to dehydrate that thirst I can never seem to quench. It always keeps going back. No matter how many times I have attempted to douse my own fire and silence myself I am brought in remebrance of my voice and the power that has. So much so it has been all around me from connections, freindships, new relationships, opportunities, words of wisdom I have received in unexpected places, consistent and repeated encouragements regarding the same things.

As much as I have tried to outrun and divorce myself at times in the place it has always remained uneventful. Purpose continued to chase me harder. Now not just through intuition but alos through people, coincendences, and other realms. There has been no choice but to give in on my end. This has led me to have the folowing questions in refelction:

Why force a separation from self?

 Why seek to cause inner turmoil not accounting for and tapping into one’s passions? 

Why run from self and yet try to find self in others?

How much harder it is to force oneself to be a chameleon in order to blend and be apalatable rather than to embrace one’s difference?

Questions like these have got me together whenever I have had to have a one-on-one with myself in order to keep my focus. I present these to you if you may ever be in need of centering or a possible redirection.

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