Stand out: Embracing Differences

You Can’t Be A Circle In A Sea of Squares

You need to own your differences. They are what set you apart and make you unique. Stop trying to adapt and grow corners where softness is present. It is not necessary.

The only adapting needed is to see yourself as one of worth and value in any and every situation. Present yourself accordingly. Act accordingly. Expect the best.

“Know your worth and add tax to it” as a friend recently reminded me.

You were born to stand out. Why do you think you cannot fit in? Why do you think you keep feeling like an outlier?

You were born and fashioned to be separate–to be yourself.

Discover and tap into your uniqueness or others have reminded me ‘lean in’.

On the other side of that resistance and fear you have been feeling is a wonderful world of business, friends and partners you can connect with who are valuable and worthy.

You will only be able to connect with the Once you blossom and see yourself as who you truly are–divinely inspired and victorious, unique and gifted in your own right.

Enjoy being a circle. The world has enough squares.

Why be just like the majority doing what the majority do? Don’t you want to be different?

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