Get back on purpose

You are the Sun

You are love and light

You are darkness

A whole world lives inside of you. How could you ever see yourself as common or a lesser being?

Purpose still lies within you. Even when you don’t see it or recognize it.

Sometimes it just takes some reminding through someone or some situation. You’ll be brought back to remembrance of yourself and your true nature.

You could never keep acting like someone or something you’re not and expect things to flow for you. It’ll never work that way. Things operating out of flow just become fixed and stagnant.

Keeping in line with purpose I know for me as a young woman the journey has been a long one. More like  just becoming. The more I grow and evolve the more there is to be cleared, unlearned, and learned again.

Besides the process learning to enjoy and just envelope myself in it rather than avoid or resist it has been more helpful.

I know I can’t rush age, wisdom or success. If anything all these components just like everything else requires time, a repetition of action, and alignment with thought.

All the growth requires points of ongoing processing. The good things take time to manifest and develop.

Slow churning like molasses so does the prime fruits of labor come into being.

What keeps me going is realizing anything worth it is gonna take some time. The seeds being planted now are gonna take some time to sprout, I have faith in the process though. The investing has always turned out best for me. I know what will be will com to fruition when it’s supposed to.

The good cannot be rushed.

As I started out earlier on the line of purpose I know full and well everything happens for a reason. My purpose or my calling if you will is all tied to what I can never be without. And that’s always been words. It could be a book, an email, a genuine conversation. It doesn’t matter.

 Words I’ve learned have always had an impact. It doesn’t matter how old or how young were all moved by emotion and feeling. How can we be inspired to move forward, make amends, go for that desired thing, or make that move if not by the word? I mean the source can vary be it yourself, the Divine or Higher Power that lies within you or even someone else.

Words are my purpose. Purpose is that thing you can’t never stop doing. And even if you try you can only do it for so long. Suppressing your purpose is essentially suppressing yourself. Trust me I’ve tried and failed miserably. Contorting myself for others. It only hurt me in the end. The others lived on quite content.

Purpose is really a matter of self fulfillment through self actualization. Without bringing the desired results to fruition it’s just a waste.

We’re all created to do and be something. How can we not see ourselves as bigger? Bigger than just mere flesh and bones. We and I write this as a reminder for myself to, have to do more than just live and die.

 “Stay Black and Die” in my case as a Black woman. There must be more to this life than the mundane and the mediocrity people keep posturing behind and survival. The simple thing of jut getting by or doing just enough.

Why succumb to the bare minimum when there’s a higher level? Why settle when you know deep down it’s not becoming of who you really are? Why live and act in ways that don’t align with yourself?

It’s time to come home to self. You know what you need to be doing.

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