Make that shift

Do yourself a favor. Don't focus and harper on your circumstances. Instead focus on the result you have in mind, what you wish to accomplish. Keep pushing forward towards that goal despite how life might be looking right now. Shift your perspective and your energy to what you want rather than what you have right … Continue reading Make that shift

Break the Shell

There's an unlimited reservoir of greatness, genius ability and beauty that lies within. The only challenge is breaking your shell, letting go of all the noise. Don't fall victim to contorting yourself in the attempt to attain or keep a sweetened perception or please another. When you let go of your shell, free yourself from … Continue reading Break the Shell

You’ve been set apart for a purpose 

The unique traits that set you apart are never to be looked down upon. For they're not to make you less than or unworthy. My view is that those unique traits are special. You've been created with them for a reason. They're apart of the special components of ingredients, however you wanna call it that … Continue reading You’ve been set apart for a purpose 


View yourself for the masterpiece that you've been created to be. How do you treat your most prized possession? With tender, love and care right? Why don't you do that for yourself? Do the work necessary to allow you to be where you want, have the opportunities you desires, the life or things you wish … Continue reading Shift

Reclaim your personal power ❤️

You're allowed to take control of your life. Why should you allow other to be in control whether it be of your emotions, how you think, perceive, dress, act & feel etc. ? Make a conscious effort to reclaim your personal power. Use your voice. Speak your mind and don't hold back for fear of … Continue reading Reclaim your personal power ❤️

Start Over (shift)

Above all else you got the option to start fresh. Start over from any moment in time. You can choose to change and do things differently rather than stay stuck in a continuous cycle. One in which you do the same thing yet nothing's changed or gone according to plan as you wished. Why not … Continue reading Start Over (shift)

Think about it

How do you expect growth if you won't change your perception and behavior?

Don’t Forget

You are growing each day You are coming into your own more and more even if you don't realize it