View yourself for the masterpiece that you’ve been created to be. How do you treat your most prized possession? With tender, love and care right? Why don’t you do that for yourself? Do the work necessary to allow you to be where you want, have the opportunities you desires, the life or things you wish to acquire etc. Every change requires some work, it’s inevitable you can’t run from it or try to cut corners. Make a conscious choice to shift your perceptions, check the company you keep, your mindset and your behaviors. They all come together to make you who you are. Sometimes a shift is necessary. Especially when you no longer want to be in the same position. You can’t be in the same position forever, stuck in your comfort zone. What good is it to be stuck where you’re comfortable staying stagnant ? You’ll never grow and elevate from place until you decide to shift and take responsibility for your life. Do the work needed for you to become the person you long to be.. Someone who you can look in the mirror and recongnize never feeling ashamed but proud and in love with yourself and the person you’ve become..Think about it

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