Truly free

I hope that one day you get to see yourself for who you truly are. Real and unfiltered. Recognize your true strengths( gifts) you possess. Come to grips with what sets you apart and learn to embrace it all. Love yourself for who you are. Why waste time trying to be like another? Surely you will fail time and time again. I hope that one day you look in the mirror and see yourself truly free. Free from societal ideals, expectations and projected destinies placed upon you. Let go of that dead weight that is tying you down: whether it be a traumatic past, a bad relationship or hurtful opinions. Make the conscious choice to set the tone for you. Define who you are. Learn to see yourself as God sees you. He never makes mistakes with his creations, so don’t believe the lies that you are unworth and a waste of space. You are worthy and you are loved. You are just enough as you are. Free yourself from what the world says. The world doesn’t know you. The world doesn’t know your potential, your gifts or how special you are. Leave them be. Harness the love within. Focus on your gift(s) and what you can provide to this world. 

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