Self Preservation

“Loving Yoself FIRST: Self Care & Womanhood” Remember that you can and continue to overcome and push through. Where you are right now is not a forever thing but rather temporary. Everyday provides you with another opportunity to keep going. You Your business, your 9-5, or any other opportunity you are pursuing will assist you … Continue reading Self Preservation

Finding a way

The closer to get to the finish line obstacles are gonna come your way. Expect them and deal with them. I find that as I move towards my goals the opposition and obstacles continue to rise. What seemed easy has become a test of determination and has made me realize how bad to I want … Continue reading Finding a way

Change soon come

Greater days are coming your way.  Things to consider: Are you ready?  Have you prepared?  Are you clear on what it is you want?  Have you worked towards it? Are you paying attention to your feelings and taking caring of yourself (mentally, physically, emotionally etc) Are you in relationships that enrich you? Are you loving … Continue reading Change soon come

Don’t let them stress you

Make a conscious decision to keep your joy. It's such a shame that you can be in such a good mood at the beginning of the year just because and another close to you tries to make you upset. That person can't understand your happiness, what you have to look forward to and not even … Continue reading Don’t let them stress you