Self Preservation

“Loving Yoself FIRST: Self Care & Womanhood” Remember that you can and continue to overcome and push through. Where you are right now is not a forever thing but rather temporary. Everyday provides you with another opportunity to keep going. You Your business, your 9-5, or any other opportunity you are pursuing will assist you … Continue reading Self Preservation


You are worthy and deserving of good treatment that enables you to flourish and blossom as an individual. It is never a reward given based upon your productivity, performativity and how well you serve and lay your life down for others.


Blessed and cherish is what you are. Never forget.


This reflection came about I was doing my usual dancing in the kitchen while making breakfast. I have learned the more I practice mindfulness and listen to my body how much high vibrational music makes an impact on me. This high vibrational music can differ depending on the moment in time and what facet of … Continue reading Yes!

Each of us are special

Your womanhood is not a contract that needs to be solidified It is not nor will it ever be something you need to prove Your womanhood is not a measure of how many people want to sleep with you How many children you bear or raise How well you can keep a home by cooking … Continue reading Each of us are special

You Deserve

You deserve to be loved.  You deserve to be respected and honored in each relationship/ association you enter.  You deserve to come into your own when you are ready to. 

Who am I?

I am a being that represents greatness and fullness. 

Don’t Forget

You are growing each day You are coming into your own more and more even if you don't realize it 

Revelation 69

No penis can define you  Not the lack or abundance of it He is just a man A mere mortal What he does, think, act or feel in regards to you or anything else doesn't determine who you are or where you're going Don't break your back, lose yourself and dilute your essence just to … Continue reading Revelation 69